Student materials - LLIDA
Introduction to the study describing terminology choices and the reasons behind the study.
digital literacy, learning literacy, learning, education, digital capabilities, skills
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Student materials

Many of the activities listed and described in our Best Practice Examples have resulted in student materials that may be available to inspire, be used or repurposed. This page attempts to pull those together and also points to other resources which have been developed to support learners with their digital literacies… Please contact the originator before re-purposing.

If you have any to add please send links to lou.mcgill at

Portals for learners

  • Develop Me! University of Bradford portal to a wide range of support materials and services to help learners
    • Feel more confident about being at University
    • Meet and chat with other students at the University of Bradford
    • Identify your levels of confidence in different skill areas
    • Articulate what evidence you have for the skills you feel confident in
    • Define an action plan to develop the skills you feel less confident in
    • Access online and face-to-face development activities
    • Review your progress

For details of this initiative see University of Bradford 2

Interactive resources

Printed resources

Online resources

Subject discipline resources

Open resources