Digital literacies pilot materials - LLIDA
Introduction to the study describing terminology choices and the reasons behind the study.
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Digital literacies pilot materials

Digital Literacies Pilot Materials

JISC produced a set of materials for institutional and curriculum development in the area of supporting digital learners.

These materials drew on outcomes of the JISC Learners’ Experiences of e-Learning programme and the ‘Learning Literacies for a Digital Age’ project, as well as a new set of case studies which were developed by the SLiDA Project

Materials are available for pilot use to anyone with an institutional role in supporting and developing ‘digital’ learners. This includes those working in learning development, information literacy, e-learning, ICT support, personal development planning, career planning, developing ‘literacies of the digital’, institutional strategic planning, and developing a 21st century curriculum in any subject area.

If you are interested, do please consider joining the jiscmail list established specifically to support the piloting and discussion of these materials, by emailing [email protected] with a brief note of your role and interests. You can also comment on the materials at our cloudworks site. Over 90 people signed up to be involved: you can download an analysis of participants by role and motives/interests: particpants_analysis.doc

There was a half-day workshop on Monday 6th September 2010, to launch these materials and discuss how they might be used.

Materials for download and piloting

Using these materials – brief overview of the materials and suggestions for their use download pdf version | download word version

Introduction – definitions and ways of thinking about and raising awareness of digital literacies, for example as learner capabilities, and as different contexts for action. download pdf version | download word version

Institutional agenda

Institutional audit – tool for auditing institutional (or e.g. faculty/college) strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in relation to provision for digital literacy, with notes Audit – download pdf version | download word version Notes – download pdf version | download word version

Managing change – activities for an institutional working group or change initiative, looking at an integrated approach, strategic change, and changing roles/responsibilities download pdf version | download word version

Meeting the needs of digital learners – download pdf version | download word version

Learner profile – example survey/interview instrument for profiling learners on entry: could also be adapted for use as a diagnostic tool download pdf version | download word version

Also available are case studies of institutions addressing specific issues in literacies of the digital by the JISC SliDA project – and a Senior Managers’ briefing paper, produced in collaboration with TLRP/TEL

Curriculum development/learning development agenda

Literacies development framework – describing stages of development towards digital literacy: five versions to meet different needs download pdf version | download word version

Framework of competences – summary of available competence frameworks for a wide range of ‘literacies of the digital’ (the FrameworksReview page on this site has live links) download pdf version | download word version

Graduate attributes – rethinking what will be required of graduates in the next 5-10 years, generically and in different subject areas download pdf version | download word version

Meeting the needs of learners – mapping the development framework to specific learner needs, and introducing known pinch-points and problems for learners download pdf version | download word version

Theory into practice – summary of theoretical work and research findings in this area, and their implications for curriculum practice download pdf version | download word version

Case studies of curriculum developments or interventions designed to better support literacies of the digital are also available as best practice examples on this wiki, as are a series of References and resources.

We have a page on this wiki which aims to pull together student materials so please provide us with links to resources developed for students