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Thriving in the 21st Century – Learning Literacies for a Digital Age

Outlines the scope of the study defines key terms and methods used

Review of theoretical fields and high level concepts that have been deployed to help understand digital and learning literacies

Summary of key messages and implications

Charts changes in work, opportunities for learning, nature of knowledge, social life, communications and media, literary practices and technology

Considers possible future requirements for literacy, competence and learning

Evidence and review of findings from significant projects and studies

Identifies implications for learning literacy provision

Identifies and briefly describes a range of frameworks relevant to the study

Review of some key frameworks

A framework developed to model literacies and competencies with potential to be developed as a tool for institutions to model their own practice

Audit proforma, guidelines and benefits documents for download | method |summary findings

Reflections on the audit data

Method | Summary findings

Provides various routes into the example snapshots collected during the study

41 snapshots of learning literacy provision

Findings from audits and snapshots

Findings from audits and snapshots

Findings from audits and snapshots

Findings from audits and snapshots

Summary of the evidence